Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happenings: Mayor Kellar Wants Blood: Yours... be donated with the help of a medical professional, that is! At Tuesday's City Council meeting, he reminded Claritans that January is National Blood Donor Month. Apart from the potential to save lives, your donation comes with the following benefits:

1. Lose a pound! 1 pint of blood, the amount you donate, is equal to 1/8 of a gallon. Given that blood is mostly water, a gallon of which weighs 8 pounds, you'll lose a pound after your donation! Of course, you supposedly regain the lost fluids within 24-hours, but for at least a little while you'll be able to say you've lost some weight.

2. Potentially see Roger Seaver! I don't know how often the CEO of Henry Mayo is out of his office, but I'm sure you've got at least some chance of seeing him should you choose to donate at HMNMH. If you're a fan of his hospital expansion plan, you can give him a hug. If you're not such a fan, perhaps you could give a rude gesture instead.

3. Help out your fellow Claritans! I know altruism isn't much in fashion these days, but accidents happen all the time and it's nice to know that you've given medical professionals the blood they may need to treat a sick or injured patient.

For more information, go to to AABB's website:

To set up donations, call:
Red Cross Donation Line:
Henry Mayo:

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