Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happenings: Golden Valley Ranch Partnership Means 900 Acres of Open Space

NOTE: As the ever-vigilant G. Ortiz noted in the comments, the event was at 11am today, not noon. If, by some small chance, you attended at noon based on the information presented here, I offer you an apologetic air-hug.

It’s late notice, but there’s something exciting going on tomorrow. The City has partnered with Pardee Homes and PacSun LLC to set aside some 900 acres (~1.4 square miles) of open space. The so-called Golden Valley Ranch is situated in eastern SCV[1].

I do not excel at geography, but I am fairly confident the open space dedication will protect land somewhere around the bottom half of this map, or thereabouts. (I think that's sufficiently evasive language).

I know it’s not an entirely rosy picture—developers are required by law to mitigate environmental damage these days, and plenty of other wildlands in Santa Clarita are under threat—but more than a square-mile of open space is still a big deal, especially in our City. If you want to go to the Wednesday, March 12 dedication at 11am, the press release directs you thusly: “The dedication event will take place at the Golden Valley Ranch trail head, located at Big Cedar Drive and Hidden Willow Drive, just off Via Princessa and Marsha McLean Parkway.” I know, those are a lot of names to take in, and I have comments about them all (Marsha McLean Parkway? Big Cedar Drive?) but I choose instead to smile, knowing that a decent chunk of the SCV will stay in a natural state. And who doesn't heart that?

[1]It’s not clear whether there will be an anti-celebration should coyotes from the Golden Valley Ranch open space area start devouring pets in the nearby Golden Valley Ranch homes.


Anonymous said...

Whoops! The open space dedication is actually 11 a.m. today, not noon, thanks for the blurb!--gail

mike devlin said...

At first sniff, this smells like a good grab, ecologically speaking, too.

Kay said...

Is there a good trail map for this area somewhere?