Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Only in SCV: Is Ken Pulskamp the new Frank Ferry?

In Santa Clarita, there are usually many people to credit for making bad decisions, but
Claritans-who-comment demand at least one individual on whom to heap blame. When it comes to targets for this citizen ire, Frank Ferry has been at the top of the list for some time (deservedly so, some might say...if one were the type of person to say such things). Recently, though, it seems as if Ken Pulskamp is taking more of the hits himself; it's not just Cam Noltemeyer calling out the mild-mannered City Manager anymore[1].

The video below, the most recent effort by NotaFerryFan (N.F.F., who is nothing if not subtle), prominently features comments made by and about Pulskamp. We learn that N.F.F. is not pleased with the new "Ethics Policy", but everything ultimately comes back to how the City Manager is handling a slew of growth and development related issues. In case you're new here, growth and development are always the topic in Santa Clarita and will be for decades to come. With sites like SCVTalk, televising and web-streaming of City Council meetings, and grander, higher profile building projects, Pulskamp's commitment to growth is making him much more of a target[2].

Per usual, it runs a little long and doesn't give Laurie Ender or Frank Ferry much of a break (i.e., is kind of mean), but it includes some of the most important speeches and blurbs from the past City Council Meeting. Note Marsha McLean's puzzled-ness over protection for whistle blowers.

[1]I'm going to keep a tally tonight to see just who/what angers Claritans. By the numbers: it may be the only way.
[2]"Commitment to growth!?" ye say? Well, so The Signal said in its 51 Most Influential feature. Look at the fifth paragraph, where N.F.F. found this gem: "One of his [Pulskamps's] stated goals when selected to fill the position in 2002 was helping to turn Santa Clarita from a suburban bedroom community to a legitimate urban center of its own."

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