Friday, August 15, 2008

Happenings: Sasquatch: Real, Naked, or Both?

I heart Georgia, and I heart it all the more since two of its finest backwoodsmen, Rick Dyer and Matthew Whitton, provided us with the first definitive proof of the existence of Bigfoot (cf. Sasquatch, Yeti). There will be a press conference at some point today where they plan to unveil physical and genetic evidence that the creature pictured below is, indeed, Bigfoot[1].

O hai bigfoot! Wear r ur footz n e waiz?

Adding a new species of mega-primate to the North American fauna is fine and good and all, but the real reason this story is so important is that it reminds YOU that YOU should be reading John Boston’s Naked Came the Sasquatch. Recall that it’s the first selection for the I Heart SCV Book Club, which currently boasts one member[2].

For those wishing to read the book, which has an almost suspiciously stellar set of 27 reviews on Amazon[3], refer to this earlier post. Happy reading!

[1]CNN is actually following the story--f'reals, y'all!
[2]While the book club projects 0% growth in membership through 2009, it also anticipates 100% member retention.
[3]Several reviewers call it the best book they've ever read...


Anonymous said...

Bad gorilla suits...they do exist!

I saw the live press conference online and they were clearly faking it and in way over their heads. And the whole time they wore BIGFOOTHUNTERS.COM or something baseball caps. Nice try, except not.

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