Monday, September 22, 2008

PSA*: Claritans Need More Medical Office Space...NOW!

*Public Service Announcement
On the HMNMH campus. Taken 9/18.
Just across from City Hall. Taken 9/22.
Near the Lyons/Wiley intersection. Taken 9/22.

Hospital beds and operating rooms can wait. The people of Santa Clarita need more medical office space. And they need it now.

It’s time we get together as a community and support the Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital Master Plan. G&L Realty will ensure that two enormous medical office buildings are built before a new inpatient building is even considered. The longer we wait, the longer people will be forced to schedule elective medical procedures at inconvenient times.

Please, show your support on Tuesday, September 23 at 6pm, when the City Council assembles to discuss the Master Plan. We can't afford to wait any longer.


Anonymous said...

You have a very keen grasp of the obvious! ;)

I hate it when I have to schedule elective surgeries at inconvenient times. I mean, can't critical care patients wait for operating rooms instead? With this plan, we can have just that!

Anonymous said...

Apparently you are aware of the several new medical building projects in the SC valley. The was a new medical building recently completed on Cinema Drive, another 2 on Tourney Road and there is a very large building planned on Soledad in the Canyon Country Area. Additionally, there is a brand new medical complex on Castaic Road in Castaic that was recently completed and sits totally vacant. If the medical community wants more buildings to be constructed, they need to fill the existing ones first. In this economy, no developer is going to break ground on a new building when several have large vacancies.

Anonymous said...

Hospital yes, medical office buildings no!!!!!!!!!!!!