Sunday, January 4, 2009

SCVenger Hunt: ANSWERS

I'm sorry to be so tardy in my posting of the answers to the IHeartSCV Christmas SCVenger Hunt. I am sure that many of you endured sleepless nights while waiting to learn the solution to each tantalizing clue. So, without further ado...

General Clue:
It's a four-letter word that is very Santa Claritan. It can answer the question "Where should I go?" But, if you try to get there, you'll keep going in circles.


Clue 1:
The first clue, “Walk Amongst the Stars”, sent you to the Western Walk of Stars, specifically that of Melissa Gilbert of Little House on the Prairie. The music provided as a hint was from the show's opening credits. Once you reached Gilbert's star--or rectangle--a 5th-grade style pencil rubbing or photo served as proof of your visit and Item 1 in your collection.

Clue 2:
The second clue, “I Hart SCV”, directed you to William S. Hart’s autobiography My Life East and West (its title is the exact opposite of the clue: "Your Death West or East"). After determining the target book, a visit to the library, the Hart gift shop, or the online Google Book site allowed you to collect the following line on page 315: “And then I forgot all about it.” This quotation is from a part of the book where a woman accuses Hart of fathering her illegitimate child.

Clue 3:
The final clue, “You Can Lead a Horse to Water”, directed you to City Hall via a picture of its semi-iconic fountain. Here, Laurene Weste often puts in late nights at work, but no more than once or twice a month. Item 3 was a flyer taken from anywhere in City Hall (e.g., lobby). I suggested vector control pamphlets for including West Nile Virus, but any City produced flyers were acceptable.

The "I Heart SCV" T-shirt has been claimed, but fear not! One enterprising young Claritaphile recently manufactured her own wearable homage to the

Claritawear. Whether you're being sincere, ironic, or ambivalent, it's the right way to clothe yourself.

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