Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just Wondering: A Correction to the CC Meeting Summary

When summarizing the most recent City Council meeting, I described how some pint-sized baseball players were recognized, applauded, and photographed. After this to-do, Councilmember Frank Ferry loudly proclaimed that parents should grab their kids and head home because the remainder of the meeting would be boring. Discouraging involvement in local politics is one of Ferry's most cherished causes.

I heard Mayor Pro-tem Marsha McLean mutter something into Frank's ear afterwards (it was picked up by the microphone), and I mistakenly assumed she was chastising him. This is what was actually said (recording from the 12:14 mark in the meeting playing behind a photo of Marsha speaking in Frank's ear[1]):

McLean: “I wanna second that, that motion that you’re gonna make because…”
Ferry: “I-on’t-even-try-understand it, but I’ll…” [my best guess: "I don’t even try to understand it, but I'll..."]
McLean: “Well, I understand it!”[2]

It's not that big of a deal. It just appears that McLean knows how Ferry will vote before an item has been opened, discussed, and commented upon by the public and that Ferry doesn't understand the motion he is going to make, nor does he really care. It's old news. I just wanted to correct my earlier statement and to ask if anyone understands what Ferry says, his words being a bit under-enunciated.

[1]Here is the clip at SCVTV
[2]"It" apparently refers to the motion Ferry made regarding annexation in the Tesoro area; watch at the 37:25 mark for more. Luckily, he had some notes to refer to when making his motion.

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