Tuesday, April 28, 2015

No CC Recap This Week Because Car

FYI: I won't be writing a recap of tonight's Santa Clarita City Council meeting because I wasn't there and couldn't even watch much of it on my phone. While driving north on the 405 in rush hour traffic, my beloved Ford Focus, Sydney, died in the fast lane (fuel pump issue). If my car's failure delayed you on the drive home, I apologize for being "that guy". Highway patrol was pretty quick in getting me off to the shoulder, so hopefully you didn't miss too many priceless moments like dance recitals, soccer games, or illicit affairs on strict schedules.

Despite a light agenda, the council meeting apparently went on for quite a while over the issue of vaping in public. When I have time, I'll watch the meeting here and suggest you do the same. Luke Money and Perry Smith are typically more prolific in their live tweeting of these meetings, but the tweets tonight were sporadic at best. Public shaming is the only recourse; I shall relent when they publish their accounts of tonight's events.

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