Friday, October 19, 2007

Only in SCV: What About the Smelt?

When you’re all grown up and sitting on the therapist’s couch, don’t you dare say I didn’t love you: I just spent an hour of my life listening to the Newhall County Water District Board debate on KHTS[1]. Given that the election grows ever nearer I thought I’d provide a helpful summary of what went on at this past Monday’s face-off. Sure, The Signal already provided cursory coverage of what’s been said[2], but did they consult smelt? I think not. And I'm still waiting for the paper's reporters to offer more pertinent candidate details, like their astrological signs (doesn't a Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer make sense?).

Anyhow, I’ve assembled a chart highlighting the three candidates actively vying for the two vacancies on the Newhall County Water District Board. I say "actively vying", but that phrase might be a little over-generous for candidate Rachel Neville. While dismissed by some as a beauty queen, she’s ambitiously pursuing an advanced degree at UCLA and wants to go straight to the top of the SCV political scene[4]. Service on the district seems like a fair way to get her feet wet, but she’s not acting very much like someone who wants to win. Plambeck said Neville has never attended a Water District Board meeting, and Neville wasn’t at the KHTS/Signal debate. Obviously, there are plenty of circumstances that take priority over going to a debate. But maybe, just maybe, might there be some in Santa Clarita who want Rachel Neville to win (and displace Plambeck) more than she wants to win herself?

I would encourage you to learn more about each candidate before making a decision in November, but that’s not my style. After all, an educated vote and an uneducated vote count just the same, but the uneducated one is so much easier!

Click to make the charts bigger--sorry. Quotations and particulars were gleaned from the broadcast debate (link provided in footnote 1). Also, the education in R.N.'s box should read "Master's/PhD not specified on the Mrs. SCV website."

My prediction? People will give their first vote to either Lynne or Rachel but they'll all give their second vote to Dan. Severe water shortages in Atlanta and the Delta Smelt story favor a conservation-oriented candidate, but business, the bulk of mailers, and the desire to fight-the-fish favor someone who won't stand in the way of (any) new development. I suppose we shall see.

[1]Listen here
[2]The Signal's
story just in case you value things like respectful reporting. While you're there, do email them a request for details on astrological signs.
KHTS ran the piece in which Pat Ingram is quoted. Read it here.
Do you seek to know more about THE CHAMBER? I introduce them in this
blog, and their official site is here.
[4]Dug up by J.W. of
SCVTalk, her pageant page provides all manner of insight.


Anonymous said...

Rachel Neville is an idiot who wants to suck up to the home builders in the SCV. There was a terrific quote from her in The Signal, something to the effect of, "...we need water so developers can build more houses". I never thought I'd be voting for Plambeck, but this election, she has my vote.

A Santa Claritan said...

Well if she wants to be the mayor of SCV, getting on the good side of the chamber and homebuilders is one way to do it. Neither one likes people who stand in the way of "progress."

Anonymous said...

Great and hilarious report Claritan.

There's a lot of talk about hit-mailers coming out, but I haven't received them, even though I live in Newhall.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever Follow up and write about Rachel and Mark Neville's fine of $8,500.00 for unscrupulous political practices during her failed campaign to be on the water board?