Sunday, April 6, 2008

Only in SCV: Sample Ballot, Real Message

I try to be open about all aspects of my life. Therefore, I present for your perusal my sample ballot, filled out as I intend to vote.

The really tricky part is following the instruction “Vote for no more than TWO.” That’s like being asked to pick which two of your five children you love most (the youngest ones, obviously). I, for one, won’t have it. No; I shall be voting for seven members of City Council.

In addition to the five declared candidates, I’ve also selected Mrs. Taylor and Gail Ortiz. Mrs. Taylor, my pre-school teacher, excelled at moderating tantrums, teaching us to speak with indoor voices, and encouraging us to listen to others. She would do well to sit next to a certain, seated member. I gave my seventh vote to Gail Ortiz because it’s high time we hear what she really thinks about the issues. Furthermore, she and Marsha McLean will be able to support each other in votes to increase the number of and fanfare surrounding ribbon-cutting ceremonies in the SCV.

Even if my ballot is thrown out, I think it will serve as a symbolically significant document. Acknowledging all the candidates with a vote is my way of saying let the hate stop and the healing begin. Indeed, we've had enough hit mailers and negativity, so why not make a gesture that says "I think all of you are special and valuable in your own way"? I hope you’ll consider joining me.

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