Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happenings: First of April, First Day at New Job

I know the (vast) majority of those who endure reading my blog are also readers of J-to-the-Wilson’s SCVTalk. Today, I defer to his Daily Brief. It has captured all that is worth capturing in Santa Clarita on this April 1st.

In any case, I’m too busy cleaning house at The Signal to write my own April Fools’ stories. My first order of business will be to increase use of the word “Claritan” by 400%. John Boston, when re-hired, may instead use “Sclaritan”. Ack—Lila Littlejohn is outside my window begging again.

My second order of business is removing the ridiculous poll on the webpage, shown/linked below. Humor works best when it’s…funny, and Delta Smelt are only funny in connection with waterboard politics[1]. I think we can all appreciate the coot shout-out, however.

Poll seen today on The Signal website. Fortunately, it is hidden near the bottom of the page.

My third order of business will have to wait; Lila just snuck back in to the office.


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