Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happenings: Duff, Chase et al. in SCV

I know I ought to get around to writing something political, but I can’t quite stomach delving into the to-grow-or-not-to-grow/to-urbanize-or-not-to-urbanize debate just now.

Besides, there are more important things to worry about: celebrities in SCV. We have the following actors coming to film some scenes at a local school:

~Hillary Duff (20 y.o. singer, actress, idol for good girls who their like starlets squeaky clean rather than in rehab)
~Chevy Chase (64 y.o. host/comedian/comic actor who I thought had retired)
~Josh Holloway (Kind of star of Lost, which is the undisputed greatest show on television; does best delivering short lines like “Hello”)
~Sean Astin (The lesser hobbit from The Lord of the Rings who has had several not-so-visible projects since)
~Winona Ryder (2-time Oscar nominee and recovered shop-lifter; local store owners, be sure to pat her down if she tries to sneak out of your shop with pilfered merch)

I know, it looks like a list that should be preceded by the instructions “Arrange the following B-List celebrities from most relevant to least.” (It would go H.D., W.R., J.H., C.C., S.A., right? And I guess some of these people might verge on B+…but I digress)

Well, all of them are in Santa Clarita filming the new comedy Stay Cool. According to its still developing page on IMDB[1], the film will be about an author who goes home to deliver a graduation speech and meet up with the girl he left behind. Stop yawning! They're filming a school whose name I withhold in deference to my alma mater, Valencia. Incidentally, I think V.H.S. is still ahead of all other local learning institutions in terms of movie credits with Pleasantville, Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion, and BioDome.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these famous folks as you go about your business in SCV. I will pay $1.04 for any photos of them in front of Claritan landmarks.

[1]IMDB page


The Beast of Newhall said...

BioDome was filmed at our high school? Let's watch that together!

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