Saturday, July 5, 2008

Only in SCV: 4th of July Photo Supplement

A single Blogger post can fit only so many photos. Thus, some additional pictures from the Santa Clarita Fourth of July Parade are included below.

The full narrative of the parade will be posted shortly with even more eye candy(or medicine, as the case may be).

Masses thronged the sidewalks of Lyons Avenue. (This picture was taken four minutes before the parade began.)

Councilmembers Laurie Ender and Laurene Weste. Of the two, it was clearly Weste that demonstrated mastery of the photo opp. Notice how effortlessly she found the camera, screened out Concilmember Marsha McLean, and flashed a sincere but practiced smile. Magnificent!

Congressman Buck McKeon and family. The expression on the grandson's face perfectly mirrored those worn by the crowd.

State Assemblyman Smyth, wife, and spawn.

Tragically, this entry made it only 6 blocks before needing to refuel.

Ditto above.

Republicans, large painted bear, and asphault.

Here is a flatbed trailer that actually looks like a float. I appreciate the effort, Friends of Hart Park.

An audible gasp of amazement escaped the crowd when this vision of patriotic spirit and artistic mastery passed by.

Fin. If you're feeling underwhelmed or annoyed, try sitting through 2 hours of every variation on these entries imaginable.

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