Thursday, November 13, 2008

HMNMH Countdown: Reason 8 To Say No

Reason 8: ¿Dónde está la excelencia?

The majority of the Henry Mayo expansion consists of medical office buildings (MOBs) and parking for people who will visit or work in these buildings. While invariably fugly, medical office buildings can be convenient--even important. The Good Lord knows we need more places for injections of Botox, Restylane, Radiesse, collagen, Juvederm, et al. lest the fine ladies of Clarita go walking around town with saggy jowls, wrinkly foreheads and skinny lips.

Being a reasonable person, I will freely admit that as the valley grows, so too will our need for medical office space. However, our need for more MOBs isn’t terribly pressing, as I suggested in a prior post[1].

We could get some really useful, high-quality services at the planned MOBs if there was a meaningful, written commitment to developing Centers of Excellence. But there isn’t. Even still, it would be great to give Santa Clarita’s brightest-and-bestest doctors (the ones who are going to flock to Henry Mayo upon its expansion) the option of keeping an office on the HMNMH campus. But who knows if the developer is even going to get around to constructing the new Inpatient Building? Alas, surgeons need operating rooms in which to ply their trade, and operating rooms are in very, very short supply. I think that before some more are built, it would be premature to anticipate providing non-existent doctors with ample, conveniently located office space.

Reason number 8 to say “No!” to the Master Plan comes down to office buildings. They’re just too light on Centers of Excellence and much too heavy on the community and our quality of life.

[1]Here--it's funny, I promise

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