Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happenings: Ashley Tisdale Releases New Music Video

Clarita, Behold What Thou Hath Wrought

Santa Clarita is a big name in no-name entertainment. Our valley is often seen but rarely named as a backdrop for countless films and series. We supply animators and special effects mavens to studios throughout the Southland, but it’s their product, not them, that gets recognized.

Enter Ashely Tisdale. Her background is thoroughly Claritan (she was twice a Valencia (Valley) Viking) yet now she’s a major recording and TV star. Alarmingly, she was the first female artist to debut with two songs on Billboard’s Hot 100[1].

While no longer living in SCV, we still cling to the fact that she emerged successfully from our Valley. I would bet good money that somewhere there’s a stage mom who tucks in her daughter every night by saying “Ashley made it out here, so can you!” (Unfortunately, her daughter wants to be a crane operator).

I really regret doing this, but for that stage mom, I present Tisdale’s newest music video, released around noon today according to my entertainment sources. Warning: best viewed with the sound turned down as far as possible, unless you’re a fan of what some might call acoustic torture or if you're a pre-teen girl who thinks Ashley is like the best thing ever.

[1]According to Wikipedia


Anonymous said...

hai!11 so the vid's totes not working on ur front pg. and like normally i totes wudn't care, but i really really really need to watch the newest from teen sensation ashley tisdale!!@22 pleez, whatevs you can do to make it work, do it! like she's just so good adn the boy in it is a supa hottay!!! omg, ttyl!

Anonymous said...

ok kay kay, i hav, like, totes tears comin out my eyez!!!11 like when she is all walkin or like struttin out the door with her totes awesome hair flyin' in the wind!!!!!!111 and lke she totes haz that hottay in the hand of her hand all like youz is gonna love me weather u like it or not. shes such a pimp, i totes heart her! thankx so sos soso much for letting me see this and after i finish watching it for like the billionth time i'll write some more or sumthin. but now i'll be totes buzy learning her killer dance movez but at least i've gotzt all the lyrics already remembered becuz, hello, numba one fan up in hur! i pump that on the way to skewl in the mornings times and my mom is like turn that stuff down and then i scream at her that it's not just stuff but like she totes don't get it cuz she just aint young no mo. newayz, off to practice and buy a wig so i can look like her luxoirus hair for holloween and then the first eppy of gossip girl is on tonite!!!!11 i heart serena ya know but maybe i hart ashley more, but she shoulda just played serena neways. WHATEVS! OVA IT FO SHO! bye!!!111

A Santa Claritan said...


I'm glad to know we have the "number one fan up in hur."

joe said...

This isn't music. It's smut!