Monday, September 10, 2007

Happenings: September's Super Saturday

Unfortunately, I will be away for the next ten days. This means that I will be missing some of the finest offerings of the September Claritan Calendar (the 15th in particular is something of a Super Saturday--Wayne Newton is coming![1]). I’ve summarized these happenings below should you enjoy rivers, buses, or luncheons. If you go to any of the events, feel free to share pertinent observations in the comments section.

Friday, September 14 – Sunday, September 15
OLPH Church BBQ/Fiesta[2]: Us Catholics have amassed quite the ethnically diverse following, so you can expect strong showings in American-carnival-ized Filipino, Mexican, and Italian food. Live music, carnival rides, and salvation will also be available.
Cost: Free to “get in”; food, rides, etc… quite reasonably priced

Saturday, September 15, 8:00am – 11:00am
13th Annual River Clean-up/Expo[3]: Help pick up waste that accumulates along the Santa Clara. If you attend, please tell the young and foolish that rocks and fallen leaves—even the ugly ones—do not constitute trash and should not be thrown away. I’ve seen it happen. There are also booths there to inform and enlighten—environmentally speaking.
Cost: Your feet

Saturday, September 15, 12:15pm
Santa Clara River Tour[4]: Learn about the geography and character of the Santa Clara River, and discover how developers build homes in floodplains for fun and profit. I went a year or two ago and got a charming packet-o-stuff including words to a river song! In all seriousness, though, it’s a nice trip and you’ll learn a lot about a lot. It’s sponsored by the Sierra Club and SCOPE.
Cost: $10 for the bus tour; lunch included

I inflicted this Sharpie tatoo on my friend's hand during the 2006 river tour.

Saturday, September 15
Day for Kids: If you want to celebrate your kids rather than have them save the environment on Saturday, click here to learn more.

Wednesday, September 19, 11:30am
State of the City Luncheon[5]: I am deeply regretful of the fact that I didn’t arrange my life in a way that would allow me to attend this event. It promises to be truly spectacular. There will be food, Claritans-of-Consequence, and speeches! If possible, bring along a pen and piece of paper so you can tally every time you hear the words “hope(ful)”, “success(ful)”, “progress”, and “community.”
Cost: $30 for the luncheon; ability to withstand the self-important helps

[2]SCVLife has it covered
[3]River Rally
[4]Call 661-259-6899 for more information
[5]State of the City

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