Thursday, September 27, 2007

Only in SCV: The Claritan Literature Grows

Through means that will not be discussed at present, I have procured a copy of The City of Santa Clarita: Celebrating 20 Years of Success[1]. (Wanted ads seem to work.) For now, I will simply say the book donor is a saintly being willing to help this SCV addict get his fix.

While I haven’t read much of the book just yet, I have been very pleasantly surprised with the effort. It’s part scrapbook, part memoir, part collage. The reader will find everything from a congratulatory letter from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to a classic Wicks cartoon commemorating the 1994 earthquake to reflections from the first City Council to a nice tribute to Deputy David March to pictures of no fewer than six ribbon cuttings—five of them conducted with that iconic pair of jumbo white scissors.

The book.

If you'd like to purchase the book, there is an "interest list" to which you can be added while the City awaits its next shipment. For inquiries or to reserve a copy (~$25) call 661-255-4939.

I’ll be giving a more comprehensive review later, but I want to close by noting how topical and timely the content seems. The last few pages of the book contain what are essentially advertisements for local companies like Powder Coating Plus, Newhall Land & Farm, and Valencia Acura. Henry Mayo is among these and writes:

“As the city of Santa Clarita celebrates its 20th anniversary, Henry Mayo is being proactive in thinking ahead to determine what needs to be done to make our hospital better able to meet the growing healthcare needs of our community. […] Our master plan calls for the creation of additional hospital beds, bringing back our heliport […] and providing convenient parking for our patients and their families. Once approved by the City of Santa Clarita, our master plan will also enable us to add and enhance our vital services.”
We'll have to wait until January to see if the "once approved" was premature or prophetic.

[1]118-page hardcover edited by Gail Ortiz and Diana Sevanian. Published by Pioneer Publications (Cerritos, CA), 2007.

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