Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happenings: 'Tis(dale) the Season for Nose Jobs...and Babies

WARNING: You are about to read about stars Jamie Lynn Spears and Ashley Tisdale. Both of their stories relate to SCV (Valencia in particular), but proceed with due caution.

Jamie Lynn Spears, Baby, and Valencia: It's All Connected

First, I need to report on Jamie Lynn Spears (Britney Spears’ younger sister and star of Zoey 101) who is 16 and pregnant. According to newspapers and blogs, she was apartment shopping with the baby-daddy (19-year-old Casey Aldridge) in Valencia this summer[1].

That’s not the only Valencia connection. Mike Fleeman of People reports that “Aldridge drove her [J.L. Spears] to the Valencia set, near Los Angeles, every day and stayed there while she worked, impressing Lynne and Jamie Lynn's father, Jamie.[2]"

This is the clearest proof yet that you can't make it very long in Valencia without a baby. They just happen here...even to Jamie Lynn Spears.

'Tis(dale) the Season for Nose Jobs

Folks, I’ve painted myself into a corner. By covering Ashley Tisdale in the past, I must (for consistency’s sake) report on the now famous former Claritan as she makes the news once again. The entertainment-savvy crowd will know that she recently had a nose job to correct a “severely deviated septum.” It wasn’t until last Friday, however, that she made her first big appearance at the Z100 Jingle Ball. This means I can now present to you the nose, before and after.

Before (left) and after (right), in case you couldn't tell. Says Tisdale “I like that it still looks like me” and “I really think natural is more beautiful.” [3]

This plastic surgery ordeal reminded me of an ad in G.G. Reynolds’ Santa Clarita: Valley of the Golden Dream [4]. I can't seem to find my copy right now, but I know for certain that there’s a plastic surgeon in there who, at the time of publication, was apparently the only Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in SCV. Times have changed—try googling “plastic surgeon Santa Clarita.” I guess we just have more deviated septums (and breasts, forehead wrinkles, and tummies) than we used to.

[1] The Valencia connection here
[2] The article is available
[3] Quotations from People
[4] Published in 1992 by World of Communications.


Anonymous said...

Oh puh-leez! Since when does a deviated septum require cutting off part of your nose!

Anonymous said...

Furst, i wanna say such a huge holla 4u4 talkin up ASHLEY again!!!! and those pictures u picked of her----omg, omg, omg omg, SO Amazingaly booooootiful!!! she is totes so lucky bcuz she has it all, i mean like she can dance better then any1, sing better then any1, and i mean she sings better then like birds in nature and i think better then whoever losers think is gud, im like hatas, you dont know nethang about good singing obvs. newayz, like, i was saying, she can also look better then those ugly russean models or whoever they think they are being with there gross big eyes and stuff. and im happy her septum is so totes not deviated anymore. she doesnt deserve it, she is way tooooo good of a person. i have to open a christmas present now bcuz i know it will be the sharpay doll and im going to like totes hug it and dance with it and stuff, and ill write you more lates!!!!!!!!! and ashly if you raed this i love you so sosososososososososososososososo much like you totes dont know but you do becuz your smarter then any1 too
much love and happy feliz to my mexican peeps